Wednesday, December 13, 2017

As Vandals, we are proud of our great tradition! So proud, our alumni and supporters have developed the Miami Hall of Fame, which is located at the old high school site adjacent to the Miami Memorial Library. Please stop by and visit us at:

282 South Adonis Avenue
Miami, AZ 85539

You may also visit our Alumni site online at

Below you will find the first installment on the history of Miami High School, which will chronicle the famed Vandal legacy until 1940.

The story of Miami High School continues with Part II, from 1941 to the present.


Part III is the lasting legacy that our current students will leave on Miami High. As time passes on, our students will continue to forge their own story as they walk these halls, chant "On Miami," and don the Kelly Green and White today. They have embraced our great tradition, and grow as we renew our committment to success from the first to the final bell of the school year.